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Health tracker AngioCode-301

An innovative device for home express diagnostics of the cardiovascular system.


➢ Biological age of vessels

➢ Vascular stiffness degree

➢ Stress level

➢ Heart rate

➢ Blood oxygen saturation level

Картинка пункта 0
Rapid and precise measurement
Картинка пункта 1
Capability of sending results to relatives/attending doctor
Картинка пункта 2
Usability and easy handling
Supply voltage, V
Maximum current consumption
0.5 A (when charging the built-in battery)
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
Displayed heart rate value range
40÷200 min –1
Permissible heart rate value deviation
max ±1 min —1
Built-in battery, V USB supply
3.7 Available (or an adapter connected to a single-phase AC mains with a voltage of (220 ± 22) V and frequency of 50 Hz)

The body signals dangerous changes even before a person feels the symptoms on their own. AngioCode 301 is a portable device for monitoring the health condition. The device assesses heart and vessel performance at home, which will allow you to seek medical help in a timely manner.

Application of AngioCode 301

The device helps reveal progression of heart and vascular diseases (atherosclerosis, hypertension and ischemia, and others) at early stages. If AngioCode 301 detects problems, you need to consult a doctor. The device registers changes in the physiological processes of the body.

Human biological parameters are constantly changing throughout the day. The activity indicators reflect the body's reaction to the processes taking place (a cigarette or a cup of coffee, exercise, taking medications, and others). The blood composition fluctuates, which leads to changes in vitals. Health Tracker AngioCode 301 monitors and promptly tracks the changes.

AngioCode 301 can be called a motivator in the fight against bad habits and overweight, clearly demonstrating the positive changes taking place in the body. It also tracks the historical data after regular morning runs.

What the device measures

After the test, Health Tracker AngioCode 301 outputs the results in the form of an intuitive color scale. The results are easily interpreted. The device measures the following parameters:

  1. Vascular stiffness. The indicator evaluates the arteries, the stabilization of the ventricle of the heart. A change in the parameter indicates a difficult blood circulation in the internal organs, capillary damage.
  2. Pulse wave type. Evaluation of arteries, control of compliance with the cardiac cycle phases.
  3. Heart rate. The health of the heart is evaluated by the vessel fitness.
  4. Stress index (heart rate variability). It characterizes the functionality of the centers responsible for the heart and blood vessel work. It is calculated by the pulse wave length.
  5. Vessel age. It shows elasticity and patency of arteries and vessels.
  6. Saturation. The Health Tracker analyzes the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, which delivers oxygen to the body tissues.

AngioCode 301 measures heart rate, saturation level, amount of hemoglobin. Blood oxygenation is measured as a percentage, like with a portable pulse oximeter. But the device sensor with a frequency of 1,000 Hz is 5 times more sensitive than the household appliance. The standard of this indicator varies for individuals. This is influenced by age, height and other individual physiological factors.

Tracker synchronization with smartphone

AngioCode 301 can be used offline or connected to a PC or a smartphone via bluetooth. The information can be recovered if the device is lost. Also, the data can be obtained through the browser. The mobile application has useful functionality:

  • conducting tests;
  • collecting measurement reports;
  • demonstration of health assessment in visual graphs;
  • result synchronization with cloud storage;
  • sending the results to the doctor;
  • warning users when acceptable values are exceeded;
  • database generation for an unlimited number of users (for the use of the Health Tracker among family members);
  • configuring device options to meet user needs.

The Health Tracker's memory can store data from hundreds of studies conducted. If required, the user can save copies to cloud storage. You can do this in the AngioCode 301 mobile application, via a PC

Basic parameters

Display diagonal — 1.54 inches. Screen type — IPS. Power supply — using microUSB charger. Battery type — Li-pol, full charge — 60 minutes.

  • Saturation (SpO2) is measured in the range of 35—100%; maximum permissible error — 2%.
  • Heart rate is measured in the range of 30—250 bpm; maximum permissible error — 1%.
  • Battery charge lasts for 50 tests.
  • Packing size — 14.5*12*3.5 cm
  • Device size — 11*5*3 cm
  • Device weight — 60 g
  • Warranty period — 2 years.

The case is made of high-strength plastic. Available only in white. Supplied with a USB cable and a warranty sheet for 2 years from the date of purchase. The manual will help you set up the gadget and synchronize it with other user devices.

Technical characteristics of AngioCode 301

The Health Tracker is equipped with an optical sensor that ensures the accuracy of the pulse wave measurement signal. The AngioCode 301 bit depth of analog-to-digital conversion indicators will be 24 (a portable pulse oximeter has 16 bits).

The device is equipped with an ARM®Cortex®-M4 processor. This will allow the use of modern, operational algorithms for measuring and analyzing data. The technical components provide high performance of the device, which will allow conducting studies with minimal error.

Health tracker software

The user-friendly interface allows you to view and, if necessary, delete test results. The information is displayed in the form of color diagrams with text comments. User feedbacks speak of the convenience of monitoring the change of results thanks to the tests stored in the Tracker's memory.

The device works with smartphones powered by Android 6.0 and higher. The device connects via Bluetooth. AngioCode 301 is also compatible with PCs powered by Windows XP/7/8/10. The test results can be uploaded to cloud storage.

Joint development with Scan-Electronics LLC.