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Mini AXION SYO05 ozonator

It is suitable for ozonation in motor vehicles, wardrobes, show cabinets, and refrigerators..

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It disinfects the air in a car
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It disinfects children’s stuff
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It removes unpleasant odours in refrigerators and cabinets
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It destroys bacteria and viruses in the air

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Easy to transport
Габаритные размеры
82х43 mm
Maximum operating time
15 hours
100 g
0.4 W
Operation zone
< 0.35 m3
Maximum uninterrupted operating time
15 hours
Power supply
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

SYO05 ozonator’s operation procedure

1. Before turning the ozonator on for the first time, it has to be charged either via a USB cable using a standard mains adapter or via a USB port until three charge indicators light on.

2. The SYO05 ozonator can be turned on by the single short-time pressing on the button.

3. Mode change:

  • When turning on, the indication is blue. The operation mode is for 30 minutes, followed by automatic turning-off.
  • At the second single short-time pressing on the button, the instrument indication is green. The operation mode is an 8-hour cycle (10 minutes running and 2 minutes on standby). After completion of the 8-hour cycle, the ozonator turns off automatically.

4. To turn the SYO05 ozonator off before completion of operation under the cycles specified above, press and hold the button until the indication goes off.

5. Charging of the SYO05 ozonator takes place if there is no indication until the three indicator segments are fully lit.

Cleaning and care

Remove the top cover of the SYO05 ozonator and wipe the outside of the housing with a wet textile tissue. Abrasive detergents, hard sponges, or solvents must not be used.