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AXION syo600 ozonator

An innovative device for ozonation of your flat, house, clothes, food, potable water, and aquariums.

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It ozonates water in bathtubs and aquariums
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It has a health-improving and rejuvenating effect on the body
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t purifies food and drinking water
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It removes smells from pets and It destroys bacteria and viruses in the air
Габаритные размеры
260x160x45 mm
650 g
Ozone capacity
At least 600 mg/hour
No more than 30 W
Maximum uninterrupted operating time
No longer than 30 minutes
Pause time when the device is running longer than for 30 minutes
At least 10 minutes
Operating time setting increment
1 minute
Mains supply
220 V, 50 Hz

Safety precautions

Stay at least 1.5–2 metres away from the running AXION SYO600 ozonator (during indoor air ozonation). It is advisable to leave the room under treatment for the time when the AXION SYO600 ozonator is operating. Once the room has been treated, it is advisable to air it or stay out of the room for 30 to 40 minutes following the ozonation. When being next to the running AXION SYO600 ozonator, you may experience discomfort in your respiratory organs and headaches

After ozonation of a liquid, it shall settle for at least 40 minutes before being used, when it is used for the health and care purpose. Ozone in liquids resolves into oxygen approximately in 2 hours. After decontamination of food items (vegetables, fruit, meat), they must be washed. An aquarium should be treated with no fish inside in order to avoid death of the fish. During ozonation, take plants and pets out of the room.

Operation procedure

Air Treatment

Plug in the device, after turning on the AXION SYO600 ozonator, you will see (- -) on the electronic timer. This means that the device is in standby mode.

Press the on/off button once, two zeros (00) will appear on the timer. This means that the AXION SYO600 ozonator is on.

Buttons ("+" "-") set the time of operation of the AXION SYO600 ozonator. Each press sets the time of operation of the AXION SYO600 ozonator multiple of 5 minutes. As time of operation is selected, ozone generation will begin. The timer shows the time of operation before turning-off.

The time of operation of AXION SYO600 for killing germs can be calculated using the formula depending on the volume of the facility.


T — treatment time, min.

Vf — volume of the facility

(Example: the volume of the facility Vf is 15 m³, Tmin=15/0.667=22.48 min., the treatment time will be 23 min.)

Water treatment

If liquid or objects require treatment, attach the tube with the required diffusion stone to the outlet and plunge the attachment stone into the treated medium.

Food ozonation (use white stone):

  1. Disinfection for drinking water treatment. Ozone decomposes iron, manganese, chlorine and other inorganic substance impurities, kills germs, enriches water with oxygen and makes it transparent. After 5—10 minutes of ozonation, you can drink the water, brew tea or cook food from it.
  2. Removal of pesticide residues from vegetable and fruit surfaces. Clean vegetables, fruits with ozonated water. It decomposes urea and pesticides, kills 99.5% germs preserving nutritional properties, taste and freshness. It is also recommended to clean vegetables and fruits with an ozonator-treated liquid before canning
  3. Disinfection of dishes, etc. Ozone has a bactericidal effect on microflora and E. coli
  4. Disinfection of meat, fish, soy and marine products. Treatment with ozonated liquid eliminates antibiotics and hormones contained in meat and fish, prolongs the shelf life of soy products, eliminates odor
  5. Egg treatment. Treatment with ozonized liquid prolongs the shelf life of eggs
  6. Plant watering and preparation for setting, including water plants. Ozonated liquid cleanses plants, prevents buttons from rotting and bacteria from growing, and promotes the plant growth
  7. Refrigerator deodorization. Ozonize the refrigerator chamber with the door closed by installing AXION SYO600 without the splitter directly in the refrigerator

AXION SYO600 for health and care (use gray stone):

  1. Hand and foot treatment. Washing hands with ozonated water prevents bacterial contamination. Washing feet effectively prevents fungal infection
  2. Skin care. To make the skin smooth and fresh, wash your face daily with ozonated water. It also helps to deeply cleanse the pores of the face and completely removes makeup
  3. Acne removal. To effectively remove acne, treat problem areas with ozonated water for 2—3 minutes for 7 days
  4. Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking ozonated water restores the acid-alkaline balance in the body and activates metabolic processes. After ozonation, allow the water to settle for at least 40 minutes
  5. Taking baths with ozonated water. It has a very beneficial effect on the whole body, namely: - relieves fatigue (relaxation); - removes toxins from the body; - promotes good sleep; - improves the body skin condition (gives smoothness and elasticity); - useful in rheumatism and skin diseases; - useful in migraines. The water in the bath should not exceed the chest level; the temperature should be 38—40°C; bath time — not more than 20 minutes. Do not take a bath with the ozonator powered up!
  6. Cleaning and disinfection of children's toys. Cleaning and disinfection of toys, dishes and objects for infants and preschool children (except rubber products) with ozonated liquid
  7. Tooth care. Mouth washing and brushing teeth with ozonated water kills bacteria and eliminates bad odor, helps in the treatment of pharyngolaryngitis, stomatitis, periodontitis, soothes toothache and reduces inflammation
  8. Dandruff removal. Wetting the hair with ozonated water when washing hair effectively removes dandruff and promotes hair growth; the hair becomes softer