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Lift control station

The control station is designed to work with passenger, freight-passenger and bed lifts.

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Service life — at least 25 years
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Automatic evacuation
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The station is used in lifts conforming to GOST 33984.1-2016
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Manufacturer's prices
Control Philosophy
NKU-MPPL-S6 (hybrid): matrix and (or) distributed
Design Version
Mounted (for MR facilities) / Vertical (for MRL facilities) / Separate (implies the installation of power and low-current units in different rooms to restrict access)
Power line
Three-phase with dead-grounded neutral
Rated operating voltage of the main circuit
~380 V+10% / -15%
Rated voltage of safety circuits (monitoring of the main drive operation, condition of the car doors and shaft)
~110 V
Rated operating voltage of signal circuits and control circuits, controls
+24 V ± 4
Maximum own consumption of the station
Max 30 W
Number of stops
32/64 (matrix/distributed)
Lifting capacity
Up to 1,600 kg
Maximum car speed
up to 4 m/s
Operating temperature
-30ºС to +40ºС
Multi-speed adaptive main drive control
8 speeds + leveling speed at the exact stop with the doors open

NKU-MPPL-S6 is a universal transformer system with a switchable principle (philosophy) of lift control. The cabinet design implies two main elements: power and low-voltage.

The Transformer system implies a design change of the low voltage package depending on the conditions of its use (with a machine room, without a machine room, separate type) without changing the structural modules that make up the low voltage package. At the moment, three design options have been implemented: a mounted cabinet, a column cabinet and a split cabinet for distributing the power and control low-voltage parts.

The switchable control philosophy implies a quick change of the lift control philosophy (lift control matrix system and distributed system) in any of the 3 presented constructs by simply replacing two boards (interface board PGM and crossboard PPSh). At the same time, such a replacement can be performed directly under operating conditions.

The lift control system includes:

  1. The NKU-MPPL lift station — the main module of the system that performs the main lift control functions;
  2. Contactor control unit KUB — provides silent operation of the frequency device contactor group;
  3. Matrix crossboard — installed in the car, provides switching of the car devices with the lift station;
  4. Car panel board — used to connect control and display devices inside the lift car.