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Video about Health Tracker AngioCode-301

Shooting of a video about Health Tracker AngioCode-301 that took place within the Sports and Recreation Centre Axion has been wrapped. We would like to thank all those involved.

Video about Health Tracker AngioCode-301

Health Tracker AngioCode-301 is an innovative device for home express diagnostics of the cardiovascular system.

The device assesses heart and vessel performance. It helps reveal progression of heart diseases and diabetes at early stages. The tracker records changes in physiological processes of the body and assesses psychoemotional state.

Within a few minutes, AngioCode will determine:

  • biological age of vessels
  • vascular stiffness degree
  • stress level
  • heart rate
  • saturation level, i.e. blood oxygen saturation

The Health Tracker also tracks the historical data after regular physical activity. It is an excellent tool to motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle!

Health Tracker AngioCode-301 will allow you to monitor your own health status and that of your loved ones all by yourself!

AngioCode is mass-produced by ZMT LLC.